Volyn people are in competition in tourism

Volyn people are in competition in tourism

03/06/2015 09:23

Volyn peple - bronze prize-winners of the International competition in tourism. From June 11 to June 14, 2015 a national team of Volyn – pupils of the regional Center of tourism, sport and excursions, took part in competitions among school students and youth in Kaunas (Lithuania). Considering old friendly relations with the Lithuanian tourists who annually come to Volyn and participate in competitions which organizer is the regional center of tourism, this year to the Volyn found opportunity and used the invitation of colleagues.

Teams from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine took part in the International competition. Ukraine was represented by two national teams – from Volyn and Trancarpathia . As a part of the Volyn team participants were Dmitry Virich, Vasily Lyashuk, Dmitry Tymoschuk, Praskoviya Zub, Tatyana Ostapchuk, Dionysius Semenyuk, Yana Mikityuk, Roman Zhabinsky. The coach of the team – Alexander Orishko, the instructor on tourism of the regional Center of tourism, sport and excursions, the Master of Sports of Ukraine. The three-day program of the event included the overcoming of personal and command distance tourism "obstacle", as well as tourist and pedestrian rally. Volhynians showed a decent standard of sports and tourism training and technical skill. So, in the standings Safety Tourism Dmitry Tymoshchuk received a third place and the same position occupied Volyn athletes in the team event.

On tourist - foot rally our team finished the second though on separate sites – water and bicycle – We were the best. In the overall ranking the Volyn national team won bronze awards. Cups, medals, diplomas and souvenirs with honors were handed by the chief judge of competitions and thanked for active participation. Besides, the program provided also night orientation competitions. In this case Volynian were the best : 1st place among adults was gained by Orishko Alexander - the coach of the team, and the III place among juniors was won by Dmitry Tymoschuk. It was interesting to Volyn athletes to see how the similar events take place in Lithuania.Besides, for guests there were excursion organized.

Volynians returned home with big impressions and numerous medals.