The tourist alliance is created in Lutsk

The tourist alliance is created in Lutsk

03/06/2015 09:24

Well-known successful formula is functioning of a triangle business power society. Tourism is not an exception, but rather its confirmation. A graphic evidence of it is positive experience of the Ukrainian and foreign cities of Lviv, Kiev, Warsaw, Munich, Amsterdam, etc. where tourist associations were created, showed the viability, efficiency and prospects of cities.

The Constituent assembly of the Public union "Tourist Alliance of Lutsk" at the initiative of Lutsk city was established as a result of purposeful long-term work in the direction of development of branch of tourism by city council and representatives of the separate businessmen in the sphere of hospitality in December 20 in 2014.

Founders of Tourist alliance were: the recreational complexes "Restpark" and "Silver Storks", the GRANDEE PERSON Company, coffee house "A gold ducat", New Mantras travel company, OO "Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Earth Volynsk " the Royovy Camp "", ethno - Panich restaurant and Okolitsa hotel. The chairman of Tourist alliance is owner of the recreational complex "Silver Storks" Olga Yarmolyuk, deputy heads of Alliance – the representative of the GRANDEE PERSON Company Olga Chebelyuk and the owner of the recreational Restpark complex Nazar Gusya, the executive director – the owner of New Mantras travel company Vitaly Novitsky, the deputy executive director – the owner of a coffee house "A gold ducat" Zhanna Chigrinyuk. Event became the next confirmation of priority of tourism in a development of the city of Lutsk. Business and Politics merged due to manifestation of this goal. In the opening speech the mayor's deputy Taras Yakovlev expressed sincere gratitude to the present representatives of the Lutsk sphere of hospitality for understanding, and the most important — for tremendeous efforts on development of tourism in Lutsk. After all, without their active participation in formation of image of the city as tourist center, it is impossible to present development of tourism in the city.

The tourist Alliance of Lutsk is an association of participants of the industry of hospitality for the purpose of joint activities for development of Lutsk, as interesting, hospitable and qualitative tourist city and promotion of city in the national and international tourist markets. The main idea of Tourist alliance of Lutsk - is association of all players of tourist branch which will be engaged in a complex development and promotion of Western Ukraine tourist attraction. The union objectives: increase number of tourists, increase of profitability of tourist branch, participation in formation and realization of strategy of development of tourism, improvement of quality of service and introduction of the program of hospitality, seasonality alignment, development of historical and informative and festival tourism, promotion of reputation of Lutsk, as tourist destination.

All institutions of accommodation, food, travel companies and public organizations of Lutsk, who is engaged in tourism development were invited to participate in the Constituent assembly. It is remarkable that the power in this case only acted as the initiator of creation of the Public union "Tourist Alliance of Lutsk". The organization will completely be self-governed, and government authorities are not included into its governing bodies. However, we hope that the Tourist alliance will become the reliable partner in transformation of Lutsk into the real European tourist city: friendly, comfortable, stylish and available. The city to which there is a wish to come back again and again and also to advise the same to friends, familliars.