Where can to rest?

Where can to rest?

Rest - this is what requires tired of the bustle of the human body, and something that is always striving soul. Where it is possible to have a rest and where have traditionally a rest in Lutsk, you see below in our list:

1. The sports entertainment complex of "Adrenalin City" is a unique territory for entertainment, the sea of positive and the drive. Visitors of a complex can actively have a good time in bowling "Adrenaline". To set a record on tennis in "Academy of tennis", to visit "The museum of technical progress", to receive a new portion of extreme feelings on karting and a rollerdroma. To have a rest in "Garrison" - miltary style comples, to eatStop-Kadr art cafe, to play billiard . To have a rest in "5D movie theater", to do some shooting in a multimedia dash "Robin Hood" and in shooting club "Sech". Everyone will find entertainment to taste, interest, hobby and opportunity in "Adrenaline City''. Address: Lutsk, Karbysheva 1 street .

2. PORT-CITY shopping mall waiting for you: - 5D and 7D PREMIER CITY movie theater, - Rollerdry "CENERATOR CITY", Bowling club of "StrikeCity", - the Karaoke. And also there are a lot of various institutions of food which strike with kitchen and service. Address: Lutsk, Sukhomlinsky 1 st.

3. Recreational Restpark complex. To the services of visitors: - billiards, - table tennis, - fishing, - horse walks, - a paintball, - bar and restaurant. Address: village of Strum_vka, вул. Rovno, 135

4. Entertainment complex of "ZEFIR": - discobar, - lounge cafe, - bowling, Address: Lutsk, Kiev Maidan 1.

5. Complex of entertainments and rest "101 kilometers": wooden sauna - solarium - pool - Slots - Table Tennis - Tennis - Archery - Playground - Darts - basketball, -karaoke - fitness equipment - hydro. Address: village of Poddubtsa, Kiev, 97a str., 101 km of the route Ustilug-Kiev.